In Times of Stress, Build Your Team’s Resilience Rituals

Luciana Rossi Barrancos
2 min readApr 14, 2021


Part 5 of the 5-point checklist: Final Check

A Diving Checklist approach, written by Luciana Barrancos in collaboration with Skylyte.

5) Let’s Go!; in diving terminology — Final Check

The final piece of the puzzle is about creating daily alignment on priorities, tasks and emotional state within your team before diving into the day.

What does this mean?

Things that flow very naturally when everyone is working in a physical environment might be more challenging virtually. You can’t necessarily see how many hours your team member is putting into closing that deal on the phone or how people are prioritizing what they have on their plates.

Scientifically, the role of clarity is so important! As mentioned before, uncertainty leaves us feeling anxious, stressed and powerless. We feel as if we lack control of our lives and, right now, we are overloaded with uncertainty. Try to give back control by making sure that people know what they need to do and WHY!

Sample ritual

Our suggested ritual for the “Let’s Go!” phase is to have a daily check-in with the following format:

A ROCK, A CLOG, A GLITTER (RCG): an adapted ‘stand-up’ format of 15–20 minutes at most, at the beginning of each day. Each person identifies their 3 ROCKS for the day (big priorities) + areas where they have CLOGS in their work + some GLITTER to share (a joyful moment, expressions of love and kindness).

Remember to also rotate the responsibility among the team to set-up & lead this meeting. We have also found it helpful to have a shared doc for people to write down their RCGs and keep track of what everyone else is doing.

Reminder: ‘We can work it out